Success stories

Growing Intellect For Tomorrow’s programs are open to all children regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity, or gender. We encourage all of us to become more inclusive, more open-minded, and more understanding of other’s customs, beliefs, and points of view.

Poverty Eradication through Education

In early 2000s, the founders of this organization started mentoring and supporting a few children on an ad-hoc basis. In 2008, a pilot project for Sponsor-A-Child was formally launched with 17 children.

Our goal was to test the hypothesis and further refine the process that we had developed by learning from other’s experience in this field.

During the pilot project phase, we have touched the lives of more than 75 children. The change we are seeing within the families and the impact it is having on their extended family and friends is amazing.

It is reassuring to see that within one generation, these families have gone from being laborers to teachers, business professionals, linguists, charity workers, and more.

Muhammad Azeem Rashid

Muhammad Latif & Sughran Bibi


Mr. Latif is a laborer while Sughran bibi is a home maker and seasonal farm worker. Mr. Latif has elementary level education while Sughran bibi never went to school.

When Growing Intellect started working with this family, their eldest daughter was in the middle school on the verge of dropping out due to financial reasons. Due to her hard work and Growing Intellect’s support she has completed her Bachelors in Science and is now enrolled in Masters of Science program.

The other two daughters also finished high school. One of them is currently pursuing her Bachelor in Science while the second daughter is pursuing a certification in Islamic education. The youngest child is currently in 7th grade and showing good promise for the future.

The elder daughters also provide tutoring to neighborhood children, which is a great source of additional income for the family.

M.Latif pic

Mr. & Mrs. Ikramullah


Mr. Ikramullah is an assistant laborer for a house / building painter. Mrs. Ikramullah is a home maker and also works at home as a tailor. Mr. Ikramullah has elementary level education while Mrs. Ikramullah never went to school.

When Growing Intellect was first introduced to this family, they were already working very hard to ensure that all three of their daughters get the best education they can afford. At that time, the eldest daughter was about to complete her 10th grade education and the family was in extreme pressure because they had no financial resources to fund her further education. Since then, with a laser sharp focus by the parents and support from Growing Intellect, the elder daughter has completed her Bachelors in Finance and is currently working as a teacher.

The second daughter also just completed her Bachelors and is enthusiastically looking forward to joining a bank. The third daughter just completed her 10th grade and got partial scholarship from a college to complete her 10th and 11th grade education.

Ikramullah pic

Mr. Sagheer Ahmad & Fatima Bibi

Muhammad Latif & Sughran Bibi1

Mr. Ahmad is a laborer while Mrs. Ahmad is a home maker and also operates a small convenience store from her home. Mr. Ahmad has elementary level education while Mrs. Ahmad has a middle school education.

When Growing Intellect was first introduced to this family, the elder daughter had just stopped going to school due to financial reasons while the son had lost his focus and was considering learning a trade at a local workshop. Working with the family, the organization created a plan to fully support the daughter to go back to school. She remained committed to learning and is currently going to a university for her post-graduate degree.

It was important to change the environment for the son. The organization supported the family in sending the son to a well-respect boarding school. The son eventually completed his high school from the same school and is currently working on his Bachelors in Accounting at a prominent university.

M.Latif an dsughran bibi