What is Sponsor-A-Child program?

Sponsor-A-Child program provides an opportunity to make a long-lasting impact in a child’s life. Through this program, backed by your generous support, the organization ensures that a child is able to go to a school and remain in school until he or she graduates from high school. At that point, based on circumstances specific to the child and the family, the organization creates a plan for further education (university track), certification (specialty track), or training (vocational track). For post-high school education or training, the organization currently uses general purpose funds.


Why should I Sponsor-A-Child?

It is a universal truth that poverty is both the cause and the effect of insufficient access to education. Through this program, Growing Intellect For Tomorrow (GIFT) is trying to break this vicious cycle of poverty, one family at a time. During our pilot project lasting seven years, we have seen time and again that by focusing on the education of all children in a family, this cycle can be broken. In fact, this approach is so contagious that it creates a ripple effect of positive change throughout their neighborhood and extend family.


How does my support make a positive impact?

A member of our team works with the selected family to understand their current situation and the scope of support the family needs. The type of support could be consultative (deciding what to do next and how) or financial (school fees, books, uniform, tutoring, transportation, boarding expenses, etc.).


How do I Sponsor-A-Child?

You can Sponsor-A-Child for a fixed monthly donation of $25 or a once a year donation of $300. If you would like to support a family, we recommend you consider supporting four children (average size of families we are currently supporting).


Can I find out the name of the child I am sponsoring?

Due to privacy concerns, we do not share the names of the children being supported.

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