Learning Resources

Learning Resource Center at GIFT provides resources for students to make learning easy and exciting for them. Resources include online planning tools, seminars, career planning resources, and more.

1. How Do I Become Resources

A comprehensive database of resources to help high school students explore various career choices. Resources include

  • What does a _______ do?
  • What kind of skills are required?
  • The steps to becoming a ________
  • Searchable school programs
  • Salary information
  • Job growth information
  • Helpful resources and organizations

Click here to access the database.

2. How Do I Become Seminars

Successful professionals share their experiences, knowledge, and advice with high school students and parents. Students get an opportunity to meet someone who has been in their shoes not too long ago and was able to make career choices to make a successful career for themselves.

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3. Hackathon

A one of a kind family hackathon that offers learning opportunities for everyone in the family. From very basic workshops for children to extremely detailed and thorough seminars for adults, everyone learns something new.

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