Welcome to the class! Simply put, this course will teach you the basics of programming using the Python language. You can find a more detailed overview of the class in the course outline. If you want to learn more, I’ve also listed extra online courses you can take that will increase your knowledge of Python.


Along with the Course Outline, you will find tabs that contain the material for each week. The material will be released weekly. Below is a button labeled “Discussion Board”, which will take you to the forum. Here you can ask questions about the material and interact with other students.


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Note: The homework and the Final Project are optional. They are only there for you to practice with. No grades will be given out.

Introduction to Python (Course Outline)



The goal of this course is to learn the basics of the Python programming language. By the end of the course, students will be able to create simple programs using Python. This course will cover the following topics: Variables, Operations, If/Else statements, Loops, Functions, and Data Structures. This course will also briefly cover the history of Python and programming in general.



Students do not need any prior programming experience to take this course.

Basic math.



A computer that is able to download Sublime Text (this is the IDE we will be using to code in Python).



This course is designed to take about 6 weeks to complete.



Week 1

A. History and Use of Python

1. A brief account on the history of Python

2. The benefits and drawbacks of using Python over other programming languages

B. Installing the IDE

1. Instructions on how to install and use the IDE for Python

C. Homework

1. Write and run a test program using the IDE

Week 2

A.  Programming Background

1. Brief history of programming

2. Overview of the steps that a program goes through to compile and run

B. Syntax

1. Overview of the importance of Syntax

Week 3

A. Variables

1. Overview of the use and naming of variables

2. The different data types that variables can interact with

3. Explanation of concatenation

B. Numerical Operations

1. Explanation of all the numerical operations

2. Using numerical operations with variables

C. Print Function

1. Quick explanation and use of the Print Function

D. Homework

1. Use Python to solve several math problems

Week 4

A. Other Basic Operators

1. Overview of Comparison and Assignment Operators

B. If/Else Statement

1. Overview of the If/Else statement

C. Homework

1. Create a program using multiple If/Else statements

Week 5

A. Loops

1. Overview of While and For loops

2. Explanation of nested loops

B. Control Statements

1. Overview of the three control statements

C. Homework

1. Create a program using nested loops

Week 6

A. Functions

1. Overview of functions

2. Explanation of calling functions and the return value

B. Data Structures

1. Overview of Lists

2. Brief mention of methods used by Lists

C. Homework

1. Create a program that uses a function with an array

Final Project

A. Create a program using everything that this course has covered



Here are some extra resources and classes that can be used to learn more about python:

1.) An introduction to computer science using Python:


2.) Introductory course to Python:


3.) Another introductory course to Python:


4.) Online Python course that goes more into detail about Data Structures: