Step by step guide to becoming a renewable energy specialist

A renewable energy specialist helps ensure that we can meet the world’s energy needs in the future. Creating energy from the wind, biomass crops, agricultural residues, municipal wastes, or solar energy requires that the specialists forecast the advent of new technologies and always stay current on relevant public policies at the local, state, and federal levels. Successful renewable energy specialists interact with public and private sector groups. They communicate with engineers, government officials, businesses of all sizes, and the general public. They often act as intermediaries between divergent groups and bring groups together through networking.

What does a renewable energy specialist do?

Renewable energy specialists assess studies on emerging technologies, understand environmental impacts of energy production, transfer their understanding to practical business strategies, and communicate though a variety of means, including public presentations. Renewable energy specialists often work for engineering design firms, utility companies, universities, government agencies, or nonprofit organizations. They also work as private consultants. They must be able to balance financial analysis with a visionary approach to alternative energy production. These specialists are committed to understanding environmental issues, supply chain management and constraints, and capital investment.

What kind of skills are required?

To be a renewable energy specialist, a background in math and science is recommended. It’s helpful to take additional courses in economics, agriculture, environmental engineering, speech, communications, computer science, and political science. For most positions, a bachelor’s degree with experience is recommended. For a government or private consulting position, a master’s or doctoral degree is required.

In high school, take biological and physical science classes such as chemistry, biology, and ecology; all of the sciences are very helpful. Also take math, economics, speech, and social sciences.

The steps to becoming a renewable energy specialist

  1. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Gain professional experience
  3. Obtain a Master’s Degree
  4. Acquire state license
  5. Take continuing education classes